Thailand Property – A Quick Introduction

Real estate in Thailand

  1. A foreigner, typically,  cannot own land in his / her own name.
    It can be possible but it is very complicated and involving a lot of conditions.
  2. A foreigner can lease land for up to 30 years at a time in his / her own name.
    This is guaranteed by the government.
    A lease is r
    enewable 2 times.
  3. A foreigner can own the house or building on a piece of land as distinct from the land itself.
  4. A foreigner can enter into a legitimate partnership with Thai nationals in a majority Thai-owned company that develops real estate, not a shell company.
  5. A foreigner can own a condominium in a registered building with not more than 49% foreign ownership overall; however, as yet there are no such buildings in Krabi.

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